The  main entrance at the Visitors' Centre with CGA member Roisin Murphy planning the tour with our local guide, Michelle.Information map in the Visitors' Centre showing a diagram of the cave.Coloured by minerals.Flowstone rock.     Bed of fast-flowing river.Inside the cave -50m.underground2nd. largest stalactite in Ireland - 1.5m. long100-1,000 years = 1cm of stalactite, slow growers!!Stalactite Cave.Stalactite Cave 3Illuminated Stalagmite.Streaky bacon!Curtain feature, Streaky BaconGrouped Stalactites.More Stalactites.Tightly conpacted Stalactites.Art in Nature underground!Cauliflower, Streaky Bacon and Stalactites.A welcome lunch, enjoyed by all, in the Centre, after our interesting morning down in the cave.  A very weathered Dolerite-DykeLough Navar quarry face showing the obvious limestone bedding.Lough Navar Quarry face.Fossilised LimestoneDartry Limestone lies on Glencar Limestone.Exposed  Limestone.Limestone pavemant covered by vegetationMaghoe viewing point showing  Lower Lough Erne.Another display in the Centre.
On the weekend of 20th April 2012 a group of CGA members travelled to the Marble Arch Caves to explore some of the geology of the  geopark.  On the Saturday  they spent a very interesting morning descending into the interior of the cave itself. Later on they visited other areas of geological interest nearby. Below are some of the photos taken by Brendan Murphy. We hope that you will enjoy browsing through them.