Programme 2016-2017

Have you ever wondered what is beneath your feet as you stroll along a country lane?
Have you ever gazed in wonder at the steep cliffs around our coasts as the waves beat unrelentingly against them?
Well, the study of geology, which examines the earth's crust, tries to find answers to these and many other questions which have puzzled people since time began as they admire the beauty of the landscape around them.

The Cork Geological Association was founded in the city of Cork, Ireland, in 1992 with the intention of bringing together ordinary people  who have a general interest in earth science, people who would pick  up a pebble  on the beach or look at a strange rock formation and wonder how it came to be the way it is.
Our lectures and field trips are geared to a level to suit  and be interesting to non-experts. A whole  huge  area of  interest has opened up to us, the members, and we would like to welcome you to join us. 

Our lectures are  now  held in   the Ted Nevill Geology Laboratory, Cork Enterprise Centre, Distillery Fields, North Mall, UCC,  Cork on the last Wednesday of each month at 8.00 p.m (check programme). Our field trips are arranged to suit the location and the convenience of the leader, members, tides etc. and are usually on a Saturday or Sunday for the full day. One or two weekend trips are also arranged each season. We have organised two trips to Iceland in 1995 & 1997 and a trip to South Wales and to Lyme Regis in England in 1999 as well as to  places in Ireland each year. In 2004  twenty of our members enjoyed a very interesting field trip to the Scottish Highlands  with Dr. John Reavy UCC as our guide and leader. Most of the time was spent on the Isle of Mull.
In August 2006  seventeen of our members spent a fortnight in Tenerife and La Palma,   two of the volcanic islands of the Canaries.   A day trip to La Gomera was also included. The group was led by  Dr Kathryn Moore,  a lecturer at  NUI, Galway. It was a most enjoyable and geologically interesting trip and all  of the group were delighted with the experience.
We can be contacted by email at:
Non-members  are also welcome at our lectures.

Valentia Island
April 2013

Field Trip 
February 2014
CGA members  posing on a lava

field at Fuencaliente on the island

of La Palma, Canary Islands.
Marble Arch     
Updated 27/01/2017
Geological Garden
  UCC, February 2015